Terms & Conditions:: AGB:                                                                                                                                                      

Please  read carefully the following Terms and Conditions before confirming or placing an order to Tukwila Online Market.
Your purchase/ Bestellung/order or use of our themes (Terms & conditions:: AGB) implies that you have read, understood and accepted all these Terms and Conditions.

Delivery ;

All the products delivery-package will be proceeded with home care.  In our knowledge and opinion it will be the best, new & fresh products will be sent to you. Once you place an order and pay the amount we shall not accept the order refund of taking return. Your order will be taken back/returned ONLY in case of our mistake in orders ( because of the billing adjustments & Tax calculations ).  Otherwise we shall not accept the refund (returning back) the whole order- in such cases you have to pay the shipping charge again extra by yourself.  The Products will be supplied to you according to instructions on the website or the desired order descriptions.  Sometimes the pictures/photos of the products/items are not the same- similar, to our knowledge, the good quality of products will always be sent to you. 

Shipping costs: 

The shipping is free from the online buying of 29,99€ for Grocery items in the Tukwila Online Shop/Store. Lower than that limit the flat-rate is 4,99€ per shipping packet of groceries.
The shipping charge and the flat-rate are not always the same; these can vary with time with marketing conditions less or more.  
If the ordered groceries are more than 15kg in weight then 4,99€ will be added with the shipment.
In case of fresh/frozen Halal meats & fishes respectively the Styropyrobox Frozen Box  costs 9,99€ with the amount of 40,00€ ,free shipping, at a maximum of 10kg of items for each order.


We accepts varieties of payments methods, for example, (a) Online Stripe (Credit Cards, e.g. visa, mustard cards, american express, Apple Pay, Googles, etc.) direct bank transfer (according to our given details), or cash on delivery (only in Dresden). Without the payment confirmation provided by the bank we will not proceed with the order or dispatch it.

Normally, the direct bank transfer takes 1 to 3 working days to appear in our bank account. In such cases, be advised, please send us a payment confirmation via Email or WhatsApp (provided our official page, [email protected] or 015210620242 respectively) then we shall dispatch to your order/shipment  immediately without any delay.

Delivery time and data-processing:  

After the successful payment of the order/Bestellung we shall dispatch the order. Normally the order will be at your door within 1 to 2- working days after dispatch (depending on delivery service). In case of problem of shipping providers or unavailability of products (especially in case of the fresh fruits and vegetables) supply it may take longer (around 5days to 1-week). In case of such a situation we request you to have patience. Fresh Fruits & vegetables are weekly supplies on Tuesday. So the shipment with these items may proceed on Tuesday or onward in the week with fresh items and you may receive it by Friday.

After dispatch the order we shall send you an email containing the reference code/number. You can directly track your desired order. The shipping provider/posts will be at your door and you will be provided at your home or at the shipping address provided by you. In case if the Shipping Drivers don’t find you at your home then they will leave it in a packet shop (GLS or DPD or DHL packet shops). In such a case we request you to collect it from there. In those cases we are responsible for the shipment.

One important thing to mention here is that once we hand over the packet to the shipping provider then we don’t have any control over the packet. If it takes more than 2 to 3days :: for GLS shipping the contact details are :  GLS Germany Parcel-Shop Service, Tel.  06677646907010;  E-Mail: [email protected]com.   DPD-Parcel service,   Tel. 06021150450; E-Mail: [email protected] Therefore you are advised to contact them directly by providing your tracking number.

For the shipment the Name, address, mobile number provided by the customer will be used to the shipping providers/services and these will NOT be used for any other purposes. Once you send us the details it will be also used in our system but not to any third party. The details are stated in our ‘Data Protection Law in Germany/Europe‘.

Refund Policy: 

During the shipment via Packet Services (GLS/ DPD/DHL) if the damages happen to the groceries, goods, gift articles  then the Tukwila-online-market  will not be responsible for it. The online order admits that you have understood and agree with these major conditions.

However, if there is an unwilling mistake in the Shipment by Tukwila-online Shop the you will get a reimbursement voucher coupon (6months validity) to use for the next order or money get return to your bank ( only upon details provided by the customers), but for cash on delivery it would be adjusted on spot immediately.

In case of product quality (not in order/taste) also if you are not satisfied with that particular product then you are advised to contact directly to the company, manufactures or the traders (all information are provided on the product’s packets)-Tukwila Online Shop will not take any responsibility on that issues.

In your order if it contains fresh fruits and vegetables then you have to account for the following things: after arriving our fresh fruits and vegetables (weekly on Tuesday) we dispatch the order. We always send our honorable customers the best ones. During the shipment -post (especially, in summer or winter times) if these items turn to  the quality which is not expected then it is not our responsibility. Please keep in mind. In such cases we are very friendly with the customer- ONLY after a convenient discussion the customers will get those items as a refund as a voucher (6months validity) of the market and this can be used in next order. The more details of the refund policies are provided in the  Widerrufsbelehrung

Wish you a pleasant and happy journey of online marking with us.

Thanks and best regards, 

Yours Tukwila Team