Halal Market in Dresden, Germany

Halal Grocery Shop in Germay-Tukwila Supermarket

Tukwila is an Halal Groceries Shop in Dresden, Germany. Indian Market, Pakistani Halal Market, Bangladeshi-Bengali Market, Asian Foods, Oriental-Arabian Grocery also Online Market in Germany.

We offer all kinds of Halal Fresh and Groceries in Germany. Tukwila Market also offers you daily Halal Meat. For example- Desi Chicken, Mutton (Halal Goat)-Ziegenfleisch, Lamm, Beef ( also with bones).

Fruits and Vegetables:

The daily fresh desi (Asian, Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Nepali, Afgnaistan, Sri-Lanka) fruits and vegetabes are available at Market and Online Shop. We have fresh green Chilli, Loki (Lau or Loki), Tori-Jinga, Arbi-Kochur Mukhi, Gaur-Sim-GreenBeans, Bhindi-Okra, Green Mangoes, Honey Mangoes, Casava, Drumsticks, and lots more desi vegetables.

Ready Kebap-Kabap and Frozen Vegetables:

Tukwila Market provides also all varities of Halal Kabap-Kebap, Sosis, Salami, Burger, Falafel, Somosa, a lot different kinds of Paratha, Frozen ready cut vegetables (Bhindi, Kerella, Methi leaves, Mixed Vegetables).

Fishes from all over the World:

We also sell different types of desi andAsian fishes including Ruhu (Rui), Hilsha (Elish), Pabda, Tangra, Puthi, Taki, Koral and lot more. We also offer different African fresh and dry fishes.

Cakes-Biscuits, Snacks and desi Sweets:

Tukwila Supermarket and Online Shop have all types of Halal Gummy Bears, Biscuits, Cakes, Snacks of including Hadirams, Bangladeshi, Heera, Gwalia. We sell not only thsese products but also Halal fresh all Desi sweets.

Kingdom of Spices:

We are also the kingdom of a lots of varities of Spices including TRS, Heera, Abido, MDH, Shan, Suntat, Four Seasons, Durra, Choutura. Moreover we have huge collections Basmati Rices, Parboiled Rice, Jasmine Reis, in the same time varities of Tea & Coffee.

Each and every products meet the high food-Quality, standard and Halal certificates. You all are welcome to our Tukwila Supermarket and also to Online Grocery Shop in Germany.

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  1. Sharmin Akther says:

    In Bank Details what is your “emfanger” Name ?
    I paid as “Tukwili”. Is it ok?0

    1. Tukila Admin says:

      emfanger : tukwila

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