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TRS Sesame Seeds Black, 100g

0,99  (including Tax/ MwSt)
Sesame is a flowering plant in the genus Sesamum, also called benne. Numerous wild relatives occur in Africa and a smaller number in south Asia. Tahini (sesame seed paste), is made with just one simple ingredient, sesame seeds.

Ahmad Tea. English Tea No.1, loose tea, 500g

5,43  (including Tax/ MwSt)
English breakfast super Tea No.1. Loose Tea 500g

Masala Moong Dal, Haldirams Snacks, Namkeen, Chanachur, 200g

1,67  1,47  (including Tax/ MwSt)
Masala Moong Dal, Namkeen, Chanachur. Tukwila Online get Grocery Store in Germany. Its reliable, trusted and yours desi Market. Haldiram Snacks/Namkeen are tasty, delicious, easy to carry in travelling, company of leisure time, enjoyable tea/coffee time with dear one. It’s rhythm of life and only for you... Haldiram is India's one of the most popular brand for snacks and Sweets. Masala Moong Dal, Moong dal, Gujrat Mix, Punjabi Tadka. Long Sev, Nimbu Masala, All in One Mixtures, Masala Chana, Shahi Mix. Kashir Mix, Chana Gur, Dal Biji, Mini Samosa, Gathiya, and more... Ingredients: Chickpeas flour, mung dal-lentils, varieties of nuts, kalo jeera, potatoes, rice flakes, peanuts, cereals, vegetable oil, raisins, cashews, salt, spinach, wheat flour, red chilli, cumin, black pepper and more..

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Shorputi Fish, Olivenfisch, (Cleaned), 4-5pcs, 300g

3,99  (including Tax/ MwSt)
Shorputi Mach, Fish.. Tukwila-Zazu online get Grocery Store in Germany. Its reliable trusted and yours desi Market

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